Code of conduct AMP Football Belgium (since 1 january 2022)
Goal of the code of conduct

The following rules of conduct revolve around the core values of our organisation that play an important role, such as respect, integrity, loyalty, discretion and fair-play. The sports organisation wishes to show you with the following rules which behavior is appropriate and which isn't. The phyisical, psychological, social and sexual integrity of the association should be respected. Each violation of the code of conduct, as well as any offense that is committed, can be sanctioned disciplinary. That means that the person in question can be removed from his/her position, or can be banned from the organisation or activities that are organised by said organisation.

The overall principals of the organisation and practice of the sport

  • The sport will be organised and practiced in such a way that the health of the sportsman or sportswoman is handled correctly and ethically, always and everywhere.
  • There will be specific supervision and attention payed to chrildren taking into account the level op development and individuality, both physical as mentally. The positive values of the youth sport will be respected.
  • Sportsmanship, respect and fair-play count both toward the club members as the opponents, trainers, referees and supporters, regardless of their gender, cultural origin, sexuality, origin, social status, handciap, belief or ideology, political or syndical beliefs, language or state of health...
  • Rules and regulations are known and will be respected. Cases of bullying, doping, drugs, intimidation, abuse of power, forging of matches, corruption, undesirable sexual behavior, aggression and violence are strictly forbidden. Committing a crime is out the question. Everyone is to contribute. Take your responsibility if you notice/hear something in breach with our code of conduct.
  • The sportsman or sportswoman will be protected from the negative effect that the sport can cause such as the pressure to achieve, injuries or healthrisks.



The rules of conduct

In general - to do

Any member is expected to act seriously in the interest of the sports organisation and to be concious about their function as a role figure.
The member respects in particalur and at least the following rules of conduct.


  • The member ensures a healthy, ethical and safe sports environment. He/She creates an environment and atmosphere where safety is warranted (and experienced) and he/she adheres to the safety regulations. The member is open and alert for any warning signs in this area.
  • The board knows and handles according to their rules and regulations. It informs the athlete and the supervisor about the regulations (by example by letting them participate in information moments), and sees to it that these regulations, rules, code of conduct and the norms will be applied by anyone.
  • The board handles confidential information correctly and with great care. He/She will substantiate the board decisions so there can
    be a common understanding about the chosen direction and always has to take care of a balance of interests.
  • The member is an example for other and restrains from acts and statements that would discredit the sport. He/She behaves crouteous and respectful, restrains himself/herself from hurtful and/or insulting remarks. This applies to both direct contact with others as to contact through channels like social media, apps or internet, or by producing audio material or video footage.
  • The member respects the dignity of each person, doesn't exclude anyone and will not make any discriminating, belittling or intimidating remarks and behavior. There won't be made any distinction between religion, belief, political disposition, race, gender, sexual orientation, cultural background, age, disability or other features.
  • The member is aware of the power imbalance and (occasionally) dependence and doesn't abuse their position. He/She doesn't use their position to exercice power in an unreasonable way. Information is used only for the goals of the orginasation and not for own benefit or benefit of others, especially when this information is confidential.
  • The member will not accept favors, gifts, services or other compensation in order to act against the integrity of the sport. When something is offered to act against the integrity of the sport, the member will immediatly report this to a member of the board or the organisation / ehtical commission of the football association / ...
  • The member will never release any information to others that wasn't made public by the organisation or that can be used to place bets. He/She will not bet on any matches or competition organised by the organisation.
  • The member won't consume alcohol or smoke in the presence of underage athletes.


Specific rules concerning sexually transgressive behavior

Extra attention should be payed to the physical and sexual integrity of the athlete, which should always be respected at all times.

  • The member does not participate is sexually transgressive behavior, neither will he/she encourage anyone else to.
    • The member will, through actual intervention, immediately stop (have stopped) an apparent form of sexually transgressive behavior that he/she witnessed or of which he/she is informed and provide the necessary assistance to the victim. This must be reported immediately to the club ICP (Integrity Contact Person).
    • The member will not create a sexually or erotically charged atmosphere (by word, behaviour, display of film images, decoration of the environment, etc.) or contribute to its continued existence. The member will refrain from sexually suggestive remarks, scurrilities, confessions about his own or other people's sex life, through any means of communication.
    • The member takes into account what the other person perceives as sexually intimidating (for example, pulling someone to him to kiss when greeting and parting, pressing against the athlete and other unwanted touches).
    • The member may not give in to the sexual/erotic desires or fantasies of a sexually underage athlete (< 16 years).
  • The member will immediately report an incident or situation regarding sexually inappropriate behavior (to the ICP). The member may not discourage or prevent others (such as an athlete or other counselor) from reporting or making a complaint about sexually inappropriate behaviour.
  • The member shall refrain from treating the athlete in a manner that affects the athlete's dignity and from intruding further into the athlete's private life than is necessary for the common goal. During training, training camps, competition and travels, the member shall treat the athlete in a reserved and respectful manner in the areas in which the athlete is located, such as the locker room or bedroom. The member will:
    • not be present unnecessarily and/or without the Athlete's permission or look into/peek into areas used by the Athlete as private spaces, such as showers, changing rooms, toilets, bedrooms and similar areas, in which the Athlete may presume to be be able to act as if he/she is alone and unseen.
    • not repeatedly or systematically invite the athlete privately alone at home or in another secluded place when this meeting is not necessary for the supervision task and/or can be organized elsewhere, such as in a club building or a public place.
    • in no way systematically isolate the athlete and not systematically realize a one-to-one relationship between director and athlete, without there being technical reasons for this.
  • The board will refrain from any form of sexual or emotional abuse of power or intimidation against the athlete. The board member will:
    • not coerce or in any way abuse the power difference that exists between him and the athlete, with the apparent intention of forcing, seducing or persuading the athlete to perform sexual acts, or to tolerate them.
    • not give (im)material benefits or compensation with the apparent intention of asking for (sexual) consideration.
  • The member will cooperate with the internal/external (preliminary) investigation and the internal disciplinary procedure that is pending before a disciplinary committee or investigative body as a result of a report regarding sexually transgressive behavior. He/she will comply with a summons to the disciplinary committee.

De Player

  • The player is one of the key members of this organization and is expected to lead by example.
  • The player is sporty and behaves that way on and off the field.
  • The player is a team player and as part of the team helps and supports his fellow players on and around the field in a positive way.
  • The player shows commitment and drive to win with respect for the opponent, the teammates, referee and himself with FAIRPLAY having the highest priority.
  • The player respects and complies with the competition rules.
  • The player accepts and respects the referee's decisions and avoids any verbal discussion with the referee (to make mistakes is human and referees are human too).
  • The player shall not use discriminatory behaviour, inappropriate language and aggressive gestures towards teammates, opponent, referee, board, employees, family and supporters.
  • The player shall shake hands with the opponent and the referee before and after the match.
  • The player must always be able to control himself in whatever circumstances and will refrain from fighting and not provoke them.
  • The player will never use his crutches as a weapon, the crutches are for running and not for fighting.
  • The player may celebrate a victory with his team, but will never provoke the opposing team.
  • In the event of a loss, the player will also adopt a sportive attitude towards teammates, opponent, referee, board, employees, family and supporters.
  • The player will not respond to unsportsmanlike conduct by the team-mates, opponent, referee, board, staff, family and supporters and will not respond to such conduct in an unsportsmanlike manner.
  • The player has the courage to face his own mistakes or shortcomings and to discuss this with teammates, board, employees, family (self-knowledge is the beginning of all wisdom).
  • The player who commits a crime (vandalism, theft, fighting, etc.) during an activity will be sanctioned.
  • The player will comply with the agreements made within the club and in function of the organization and will always express himself positively towards the organization and its members.
  • The player undertakes to actively participate in activities that the organization organizes or participates in at home and abroad and will behave in an adult manner and proudly represent Belgium as a member of the national team.
  • The player distances himself from the use of prohibited substances that can have a performance-enhancing effect. If in doubt whether a certain medication or other substance contains doping, the player should always consult his doctor.
  • The player will not use narcotics nor trade them (deal).
  • The player may be subject to doping control by the Anti-Doping Commission.

AMP Football Belgium falls under the code of conduct of the RBFA, UEFA, FIFA and the BOIC.


  • The player will always confirm his participation/non-participation in an activity via one of the many communication channels available (mail, SMS, telephone, etc.).
  • The player will always be present on time at the activities that are organized, in case of force majeure please always inform someone from the organization. If the player is regularly late or absent, a report will be made and such behavior may also be sanctioned.
  • A player older than 12 years must be able to present a valid proof of identity for every activity. A player under the age of 12 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian or the activity will not be allowed to participate
  • The player will never leave valuables unattended during an activity. The organization can therefore not be held responsible for theft. There will always be a possibility to store the valuables, so that they can be stored together.
  • The player shows respect for the work and commitment of the organization, the board and the employees who ensure that the player can practice AMP Football because this is not as obvious as it seems.
  • The player shows respect for the equipment, the accommodation (fields, showers, changing rooms, etc.) and the resources that are made available to him or that he uses to be able to practice AMP Football. The equipment will therefore be returned in perfect condition, collected or deposited at the correct location, the accommodation will be left in a tidy condition and waste will be deposited in the appropriate waste containers.
  • The player shall encourage his supporters to attend the match and encourage the players in a positive, sporting and respectful manner. In the event that supporters display unsportsmanlike behavior, the player concerned will address them about this.


Active members (non players)

Active members are understood to mean the persons who are part of the daily management, trainers, assistant trainers and employees of the AMP Football Belgium team in whatever capacity.

These persons must also always behave in a sporting and respectful manner towards players, referees, family and supporters in and around the field. These active members, like the players, will respect the above code of conduct.



The player or active member who does not act accoringly or respect the above code of conduct will be sanctioned by AMP Football Belgium. The nature and duration of the sanction will be determined according to the offense committed by the player or active member. For serious offenses AMP Football Belgium can request an intervention from the police. The sanction can vary from suspension to dismissal from the organization.



Putting a code of conduct on paper is not enough. Talking about rules of conduct and enforcing them is just as important to ensure that they are observed and propagated.

This code of conduct will therefore be published on our website: so that every visitor knows what AMP Football Belgium stands for.


Social media is a useful means of communication that AMP Football Belgium also uses to provide information to players, interested parties, family and others. We would therefore like to ask the player and the active member to only post positive information and not to convey messages that go against or may provoke this code of conduct.

Football is fun and should stay fun.