An integrity contact person (ICP) is an approachable contact point where athletes, their parents, supervisors or different participants may find an answer to their question, suspicion or complaint about (sexual) cross-border behavior or phyisical and sexual integrity. ‚Äč


As a footballclub we see it as our responsibility to ensure the protection of our members. There are still too many incidents of cross-border behavior that aren't handled or noticed timely. It is important within the club to have attention to a culture of openness and safety where everybody feels the freedom to report cases of cross-border behavior.


The ICP listens to the question or story and refers the reporter if necessary or provides advice for the possible next steps to take without diving into the details themselves or do their own truth-finding. The duties of the ICP are:

  • Point of contact and first reception

  • Coordination of the intern procedure and referral

  • Prevention activities and support





Do you want to send a message to our ICP?

These will be handled privately.


Our Club-ICPS

Yves Guillemyn

0498 86 67 39



Wendy De Cock


Mark De Cleene

0475 91 77 72