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Amputee football, something for you too ?



Honestly, seeing people with a leg amputation walking on crutches behind a ball is not an everyday sight.

But that is exactly what Amp Football Belgium has in mind:

letting people with an amputation enjoy the most popular sport again: FOOTBALL.


Hope to see you soon

The Amp Football team


Just participate.


Today we are looking for amputees who want to join our football team.

It doesn't matter at what level you can play football

because we will include everyone in our football story.

Do you want to come and watch, taste, participate or train hard... everything is possible.

Feel free to drop by at one of our training sessions.



Province: East/West Flanders.

Province of Antwerp.

Province of Flemish/Walloon Brabant/

Brussels Capital Region

Limburg/ Namur