Our goal

  • The social integration of people with an amputation of all ages, gender or origin so they can regurarly come together to play football and recreate on national and international level.
  • Creation and expansion of national clubs with the goal of creating a competetion within Belgium. This would make it possible to participate in events such as the Champions League, Europa League etc.
  • The start up of youth activities.
  • Further development of the National team (Red Flamingos) to a proud ambassador of Belgium.
  • Maintain an environment where fair play comes first.

More than just football

Amp Football Belgium vzw is more than just football.

It is a kind of therapy where everybody has a common ground.

A talking group where it is possible to talk to one another about their problems.

A group of friends who want to have fun and enjoy themselves.

A group that is equal for everybody: young, old, gender, origin...

The boost that some need to rejoin society.

In short: a big family.


We are not alone